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  Last updated October 11, 2017 at 4:52 pm

We’ve gathered a superteam of contributors to help cover the International Astronautical Congress, happening in Adelaide from September 25-29. From journalists to future astronauts, archaeologists to engineers, you won’t find a wider range of coverage and insights than on Australia’s Science Channel.

Dani Stoneham

Introducing Dani! Anchoring our nightly live show Space AF, Dani is an up-and-comer to keep your eye on. An actor and presenter, her curiousity, quick wit and background in Psychology will keep our guests on their toes as she hosts Space AF, broadcast LIVE every night from IAC 2017.

“I can’t wait to meet the incredible guests we have for Space After Five, it’s going to be so much fun!”

Tara Foster

Joining the team for the first time at IAC 2017 is Tara Foster! Tara is a space junkie, adventurer, writer, and TV producer. An adopted Aussie, Tara has travelled the world, travelled across countries to watch rocket launches, been to more space events than she can remember, and last year spent 3 months riding around Ireland on a pushie. This force of nature will be blogging on Australia’s Science Channel revealing what’s happening behind the scenes of IAC, and appearing in some of our video content!

You can find Tara on Twitter @taraustralis and Facebook.

Josh Richards

Welcome back Josh Richards! You might have seen this comedian, explorer and future astronaut before on our coverage of WOMADelaide and the space quiz show Make Me A Martian. Before becoming a Mars One astronaut candidate, Josh worked in jobs ranging from explosives to stand up comedy. He even spent a week living inside a glass box.

Find him on Twitter @Mighty_Ginge

Alan Duffy

Welcome back Australia’s favourite astronomer Alan Duffy!

You know him from our own Space Channel, plus TV’s The Project, and the ABC’s News Breakfast and Stargazing Live programmes. It wouldn’t be a space conference without him, and as always he’ll be appearing right here on Australia’s Science Channel.

Find him on twitter @astroduff

Professor Alice Gorman

Another familiar face joining the team for IAC2017 is Alice Gorman! “Space Archaeologist” might sound like Sandra Bullock meets Indiana Jones, and with Alice you’re probably not far off the mark. Alice is a favourite of the crew at Australia’s Science Channel for her funny, fascinating and insightful observations of space, history, and space archaeology. From hunting down space-race artefacts on Earth to fighting to protect the Apollo landing sites on the Moon, Alice is one of the world’s most respected authorities on the history of space.

Fittingly enough, Alice’s Twitter is @drspacejunk

(Image courtesy of Flinders University)

Rachel Tillman

Rachel describes herself literally as a daughter of Viking – her father was the last Program Manager of NASA’s Viking Missions to Mars. She now devotes herself to preserving the history of these very first missions to land on the red planet. Rachel is visiting Australia for the conference, and will be telling her incredible stories about the history of Mars exploration.

Find out more about the Viking Mars Missions Education and Preservation Project.

Erin Madden

A first time addition to Australia’s Science Channel – Erin Madden!

Originally from Queensland, her career path has now lead her to Canberra as a weapons engineer. She is particularly interested in space exploration (primarily mission planning and control), astrophysics, and outreach.

She will be giving us an inside look at some of the amazing science and engineering being discussed at the conference.

Check our her tweeting skills @SpacegirlErin

Lisa Stojanovski

Lisa Stojanovski is a science communicator determined to grow food on Mars.

When she’s not on the road with the Shell Questacon Science Circus, she creates content for the space news program TMRO. She is aiming to be one of Australia’s first female astronauts, and has set her sights on the red planet.

Follow her quest @LisaStoj

We are proud to be a media partner for the International Astronautical Congress.

Follow all the IAC 2017 coverage, including news and articles in the lead up to this astronautical event, and daily live videos during the Congress at australiascience.tv/iac-2017.

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Ben Lewis is a Producer at Australia’s Science Channel, and Editor of the Space, and Innovation and Tech channels. He has worked with scientists and science storytellers including Brian Cox, Chris Hadfield, Robert Llewellyn, elite athletes, Antarctic explorers, chefs and comedians. Ben has also been involved in public events around Australia and was co-writer, producer and director of The Science of Doctor Who, which toured nationally in 2014 in association with BBC Worldwide Australia & New Zealand. Want more Ben? You can hear him on ABC radio in Adelaide, regional SA, NSW, and around Queensland, commercial radio in the ACT, and Radio Adelaide. He also speaks at universities around Australia on communicating science to the public. Around the office he makes the worst jokes known to mankind.



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