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Follow your Interests


  Last updated April 18, 2018 at 9:53 am


Are you tired of the question ‘What do you want to do with your life?’ Know you want a new career, but not sure what, or how to go about that?

Everyone keeps talking about how working in STEM is a bright idea – we’ve all heard the stats – STEM workers earn more money, have a higher rate of employment, and in some studies even report higher job satisfaction than other industries – but how do you find a job in STEM that you’re going to like? What even are the jobs in STEM beyond Doctor, Vet, Research Scientist?

This short video talks you through how to think about what *you* want to do – Follow your Interests….

If any of the jobs mentioned appeal, find out more in our Working In series…..

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Science and technology is as much a part of our cultural fabric as art, music, theatre and literature. They play a significant role in our daily lives, yet, in a world dependent on science, we often take them for granted. Australia’s Science Channel believes every citizen has a right, and a responsibility, to be informed, and our mission is to create programs to bring that about.