About Us

What is Australia’s Science Channel?

If it happens in science, you’ll find it here.

Australia’s Science Channel is Australia’s first free and open publishing platform for science stories.

On Australia’s Science Channel you’ll find compelling videos, articles, podcasts, news and events from our publishing partners and Australia’s Science Channel’s contributing editors.

We work with leading minds, universities from around Australia, organisations and institutions to provide compelling science stories for everyone to watch, read, listen and share thoughts on what’s happening in science.

Who is Australia’s Science Channel?

Australia’s Science Channel is operated and developed by The Royal Institution of Australia Inc., an independent charity and unique national science hub promoting public awareness and understanding of science.  The Royal Institution of Australia was founded in 2009 and is the sister organisation of the prestigious Royal Institution of Great Britain.

The best way to achieve the mission of The Royal Institution of Australia was to build Australia’s Science Channel.

What can I do?

Australia’s Science Channel is free and open to everyone.  By signing up to Australia’s Science Channel subscribers can express their views and share content to social media. Subscribers will also receive updates from Australia’s Science Channel based on their preferences. Subscription is free.

There are nine sub-channels to discover on Australia’s Science Channel

CULTURE – ethics / art / philosophy / society

INNOVATE & TECH – innovation / technology / engineering

NEWS & EVENTS – special announcements / livestream / media

OUR PLANET – climate science / natural world / animals / paleontology / geology

SCINEMA – science feature films / documentaries

SPACE – space exploration / astronomy

THE BODY – medicine/ health / human sciences / physiology

THOUGHT LEADERS – conversations / lectures / opinion from leading minds

ULTIMATE CAREERS – STEM inspiration / careers

Publishing on Australia’s Science Channel is by invitation. Each of our published partners has a homepage to showcase their contributors content. Each publishing partner has an assigned Contributing Editor from Australia’s Science Channel.

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