Letters to Year 12 students

Letters to Year 12 students

Some of Australia’s science icons have penned open letters to year 12 students in this exclusive series. From the things they wish they were told to what they wish they didn’t do, they provide inspiration and advice to young adults dealing with not only year 12, but entering a wider world.

This isn’t just about getting through school, but about tackling life in general. With advice as relevant to adults as they are to year 12 students, these letters are must-reads. Find out the stories of our most recognisable, inspiring science identities, and how their knowledge can help you with your challenges.

Australia of the Year and cervical cancer vaccine co-inventor Ian Frazer, Indigenous science-education activist Corey Tutt, astrophysicist Alan Duffy, and Australia’s best science teacher Samantha Moyle are just some of the people who have lent their words.

Finding support. The value of standing up for yourself. And how travel will change your life.  This series will not only help students navigate year 12, but will help you, whoever you are, reach your fullest potential.

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