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Meet Chax - turning reality virtual


  Last updated January 7, 2020 at 5:22 pm


VR technical artists like Chax combine skills in tech and art to recreate real world objects in a virtual world – putting the real into virtual reality.

Why This Matters: Boosting the reality of virtual reality makes it a far more useful tool.

From Disney to Deakin University’s VR/AR research lab, Chax Rivera’s love of art and technology has helped him put the real in virtual reality.

While he admits that as a student maths was not his strength – he found it confusing and overwhelming. However, finding out how it helps him build and create things in the real and virtual worlds shifted his ideas. Now, he works in a career as a VR/AR technical artist, bringing his art background into the tech world.

Deeper: Virtual museums become reality

Working across a range of VR research projects he creates the 3D worlds and objects that we get to experience. Taking designs he builds them into 3D objects, and then creates them in VR. To do this, he needs to combine his artistry, programming and software engineering skills.

Boosting the reality of VR can make them feel more immersive. This increases their usefulness in training, rehabilitation, medicine and engineering. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – we’ll be seeing and experiencing VR much more in the future.

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