Creating Possible Worlds – Ann Druyan’s vision of hope

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Creating Possible Worlds - Ann Druyan's vision of hope


  Last updated October 1, 2020 at 10:42 am


Ann Druyan, creator of Cosmos: Possible Worlds reveals what it takes to create a future vision of hope.

Why This Matters: There is still so much we can change for the future.

Ann Druyan is a woman who wants to share her vision, and in the latest season of Cosmos on National Geographic, she has done just that. Because to her, while it’s easy to see a dystopian future, she has a vision of a world (and beyond) which is exciting, optimistic and achievable.

Carrying on the flame she lit with Carl Sagan, Ann wants to inspire people, not just to encourage young people to pursue a career in science, but to make us all informed decision makers, so we can’t be manipulated and lied to.

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Teach This: Education Resource: Creating Possible Worlds – Ann Druyan

But this isn’t just about a TV show. This is her lifelong mission for science, and for our future. Because to her, it’s when you see the enchanting reality of nature that you get struck by the uplifting possibilities.

In association with National Geographic and Swinburne University of Technology.

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