Behind the Scenes at Science Meets Parliament 2016

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Behind the Scenes at Science Meets Parliament 2016


  Last updated June 1, 2017 at 3:46 pm


Every year during Science Meets Parliament, scientist from around the country travel to Canberra to meet politicians and policy makers.

During the two days, there is a lot at stake for the participants, as politicians can influence budgets and policy priorities. It is like ‘Australia Got Talent’ for scientists!

In 2016, we followed 4 up-and-coming scientists (Mel McDowall, Christopher Chan, Hannah Brown and Vanessa Moss)  around Parliament House. Our host, Simon Copland, is there for the action as we show their journey from when they prepare their pitches, the meetings with politicians to straight after the meetings. We even take you into the Prime Minister’s room as he meets with one of the scientists!

Special thanks to Science and Technology Australia.

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