ECR Network 2017 – Get Interdisciplinary!

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ECR Network 2017 – Get Interdisciplinary!


  Last updated August 23, 2017 at 4:46 pm


Interdisciplinary collaborations are more important than ever before. Guru Prof Tanya Monro (Deputy Vice Chancellor Research & Innovation at the University of South Australia) shares her experience establishing and managing these vital and valuable partnerships. From what exactly the difference is between interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and cross disciplinary, to her stories as a postdoc starting her first interdisciplinary collab, and her top tips from a career working with nearly every discipline of science, there is no one better to guide you through collaborating with other fields.

For more information about ECR Network, including upcoming events and how to book tickets, head to the ECR Network website.

ECR Network is supported by the University of South Australia and University of Adelaide.

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