FameLab 2017 New South Wales Semi-Final Highlights

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FameLab 2017 New South Wales Semi-Final Highlights


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12 of the country’s top science communicators got their 3 minutes of fame at the FameLab NSW semi-final on 5 April 2017. This was the third state semi-final for FameLab 2017. There was lots of energy in the room, which was completely packed out with supporters at the Powerhouse Museum’s Transport Hall.

The FameLab Australia competition is coordinated by British Council in Australia.

Journalist Natasha Mitchell from ABC Radio National was the presenter for the NSW state semi-final.

The judges –

  • Dolla Merrillees, director of MAAS

  • Jonathan Webb, science and health content director at ABC Radio

  • Richard Payne, Professor at The University of Sydney and 2016 recipient for Malcolm McIntosh Prize for Physical Scientist of the Year, 2016 Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science

In order of presentation, the NSW state finalists were:

  • Sarina Kilham, University of Technology Sydney: “Farmers feeding the world: beyond biofuel production”

  • Melinda Waterman, University of Wollongong: “Antarctic mosses in a changing climate”

  • Emma Lovell, University of New South Wales: “CO2 – a new view”

  • Kelly Simpson, University of Sydney: “Epidemiologists’ also known as disease detectives”

  • Naomi Koh Belic, University of Technology Sydney: “Multiple sclerosis: a disease in a… dish?”

  • Anika Rouf, University of Sydney: “Digital diets: just a touch away”

  • David Wong, University of Canberra: “Think like a lizard”

  • Rahman Daiyan, University of New South Wales: “Fake photosynthesis”

  • Jane Hunter, University of Technology Sydney: “It’s clearly an emergency”

  • Maryna Bilokur, University of Technology of Sydney: “Solar weapon”

  • Ronald Chun-Wai Yu, CSIRO Agriculture and Food: “Build the Wall… in Cereal”

  • Nural Cokcetin, ithree institute, University of Technology Sydney: “The sweet treat(ment) for your microbiome”

After fascinating presentations, the winners were announced:

  • WINNER: Ronald Chun-Wai Yu from CSIRO, and

  • RUNNER-UP AND AUDIENCE CHOICE: Nural Cokcetin from the University of Technology Sydney

Good luck to Ronald and Nural who will be going onto the national final in Perth on 4 May 2017.

Event details for the other state semi-finals here. It’s free to attend and to enjoy a night of great science communication!

We are proud to be a media partner with the British Council in Australia to this event.

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