Dr Karl – What question keeps you up at night?

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Dr Karl - What question keeps you up at night?


  Last updated February 7, 2020 at 5:17 pm


From dark matter, to thinking differently, to mirror universes, find out what Dr Karl can’t quite get his head around.

Why This Matters: Sometimes you need to think about problems from a different perspective.

For someone who seems to have encyclopaedic knowledge, there has to be something that keeps Dr Karl awake at night.

Turns out it’s a question that scientists all around the world are also kept awake by – what is, and where is, dark matter?

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Maybe we need to look at the problem in a completely different way. With an answer that ranges from ancient history and a missed opportunity to create a motor, to cutting edge research, Dr Karl reveals the quandary that he can’t get out of his head.

Could there even be a mirror universe where the dark matter exists? That’s a question that Dr Karl is pondering. He’s currently keeping an eye on an experiment in the US to see if they’ll find the answers.

Deeper: Faint stellar glow reveals the location of dark matter in galaxy clusters

This is an excerpt from our exclusive In Class With… event, when Dr Karl tackled questions about anything and everything from school students from right around Australia.

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In association with National Science Week, and Adelaide Botanic High School.

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