Fifty years since Australia beat the world to space

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Fifty years since Australia beat the world to space


  Last updated February 1, 2018 at 1:31 pm


On Wednesday 29 November 1967, Australia became world beaters. With the launch of WRESAT, we became only the third country in the world to build and launch a satellite from its own territory. Find out about this incredible achievement that put Australia on top of the world, from the donation from a visiting US team, to the epic design and build by the Weapons Research Establishment (today’s DST Group) and the University of Adelaide, and the scientific payload it carried.

For more about the history of WRESAT, read WRESAT: When Australia beat the world to space

To find out about Australia’s first satellite OSCAR-5, read The challenger to WRESATs crown

Why doesn’t Australia celebrate WRESAT? Find out in Alice Gorman’s article From the outback to orbit: Why doesn’t Australia celebrate our achievements in space?

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