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SPACE AF - Thursday


  Last updated October 16, 2017 at 1:44 pm


Live from IAC 2017, Space AF brings you the daily news from the worlds biggest space industry event in the world.

It’s wasn’t a case of all work and no play for the team at the IAC on Day 4, as they managed to sneak in a test drive in the Mars Curiosity Rover. See the highlights in tonight’s episode of Space After Five. 

We’ve got a huge show planned for tonight with special guests Australia’s favourite astronomer Prof Alan Duffy, the woman who describes herself as a daughter of Viking, Rachel Tillman, aand the first (future) Space Tourist from South Asia, Middle East and Monaco to go to space aboard Virgin Galactic, Namira SalimTune in to our final episode of Space After Five at 5pm Adelaide time (ACST).

Tomorrow, all eyes will be on Elon Musk as he gives an update on his plans for settling Mars. Tune in to our livestream at 3.10pm Adelaide time as our panel of experts analyse Elon’s plans.

Follow all the IAC 2017 coverage, including news and articles in the lead up to this astronautical event, and daily live videos during the Congress at

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