Sean Geoghegan – Meet a Medical Physicist

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Sean Geoghegan - Meet a Medical Physicist


  Last updated November 15, 2019 at 3:39 pm


Meet Sean Geoghegan, a medical physicist at at the forefront of a revolution in Australian cancer care.

Why This Matters: As particle therapy becomes more established in Australia, we’re going to need more medical physicists.

Medical Physicists are going to play a huge role in Australian cancer care in the future. As the revolutionary Particle Therapy begins to be established in Australia, people like Sean and his knowledge of both physics and medicine will be at the very forefront.

Deeper: Bringing Japan’s breakthrough cancer technology to Australia

From studying physics in Western Australia, Sean has had a career working around the world, before settling in Adelaide to head up the state’s team of medical physicists working in cancer therapy.

Adelaide will build Australia’s first particle therapy facility, utilising protons to target cancer. This therapy can specifically destroy tumours with very minimal effects on surrounding healthy tissue.

Teach This: Education Resource – Sean Geoghegan – Meet a Medical Physicist

In his role, Sean will be central to the development and operation of this revolutionary facility.

Watch the video above to find out more about Sean and how he landed this incredible opportunity.

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