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  Last updated October 12, 2017 at 2:29 pm

With the largest space conference just around the corner, we’ve been busy planning our program. This is it – everything we’re planning for the world’s largest space conference.

We are really, really excited that this ultimate annual space nerd event is going to be in our backyard here in Adelaide from 25 – 29 September. We’ll be zipping around the 68th International Astronautical Congress (IAC) to bring you as much of the action as we can.

We’re so incredibly proud to be a media partner for this huge event with about 4,000 delegates from space industry folk around the world. In case you haven’t heard, or read this, it includes the likes of Elon Musk, Bill Nye, heads of space agencies and many more space VIPs.

But don’t worry about missing out, we’ve got this. Armed with our media passes, we’ll give you inside access and exclusive content.

All you need to do is watch this space.

Space After Five

We are proud to announce Space After Five aka Space AF. This is our daily live show coming to you from 5pm ACST every day of the conference. Without dropping names, you can expect past astronauts, wannabe astronauts, space industry experts, scientists, engineers, and possibly anyone else we can wrangle! You never know who will drop by, you’ll have just to tune in to see.

Along with our enthusiastic host Dani Stoneham, we are going to bring part of the IAC 2017 excitement to you as we wind down and reflect on the day that just rocketed past us.

Who said what to whom about the Moon? Mars? What new shiny technology was demonstrated to which adoring crowd? What’s the next biggest project in space? Who has scored the best loot or souvenir of the day? It’s going to be Space AF.

Visit this page to watch it: bit.ly/SpaceAF

Elon’s Mars Plans: Live Expert Analysis

Straight after the much anticipated talk from Elon Musk about his Mars exploration plans, tune into our live expert analysis! It’s going to be one of the most talked about sessions, so you don’t want to miss this in-depth panel, exclusive to Australia’s Science Channel.

Hosted by popular astronomer Alan Duffy, we can’t wait to hear what our invited experts have to say!

Watch it here!

Daily articles from our contributors

We’ve gathered a superteam of contributors to help cover the International Astronautical Congress, happening in Adelaide from September 25-29. From journalists to future astronauts, archaeologists to engineers, you won’t find a wider range of coverage and insights than on Australia’s Science Channel. Meet our contributors here.

Live-tweeting of the plenary and highlight sessions

Follow us on Twitter to get real-time action of the plenary and highlight sessions throughout the conference. We’ll be tweeting everything with official conference hashtag #IAC2017. You’ll also get bonus behind-the-scenes action shots and teasers of what we’re up to!

Daily newsletter updates

Sign up to Australia’s Science Channel and join our mailing list. All you have to do is hit that register button and follow the prompts! We’ll be sending out daily newsletters with highlights from IAC 2017.

After IAC 2017

On top of all our plans, we’ll be talking to lots of exhibitors and interesting people during IAC. Expect lots of videos of all the best and interesting things from the IAC in the following weeks. We’ve got just a few things lined up.

True or False with Bill Nye

Bill Nye, the popular science communicator, CEO of The Planetary Society and IAC regular. Using our popular and often hilarious format, we’re going to play True or False with Bill Nye. It’ll be guaranteed to be out of this world! To be released after IAC 2017.

Lots more!

Part of the conference will be a plethora of models and exhibits from start-ups to the established agencies like NASA, Boeing and Lockheed Martin, just to name a few. This includes a life-sized working model of the NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover just roving around!

We’re going to capture as much of the action as possible but we’re only one team. Other organisations will also be creating videos and content – we’ll get access to some of their action too, all in the spirit of international collaboration!

Before IAC 2017

Australia to Space: How to launch your career

If you’re a young space professional, you can come along to this free event on the Sunday 24 September before it all kicks off.  Come and meet Australian space professionals who have turned their dream into reality, working for some of the biggest aerospace industries and agencies around the world including NASA, the European Space Agency, Airbus and more! Book here.

Follow all the IAC 2017 stories, including daily live videos at the Congress and all the news and announcements in the lead up to this astronautical event at australiascience.tv/iac-2017.

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