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  Last updated October 18, 2017 at 10:10 pm

Our annual event SCINEMA International Science Film Festival is over for 2017 and it was our biggest year yet!

Firstly, the votes have been tallied for the SCINEMA 2017 People’s Choice Award and the winner is… Fix and Release! Congratulations to director and producer Scott Dobson for his heartfelt film about the incredible team at a turtle trauma centre in Canada.

The 2017 SCINEMA International Science Film Festival started its journey in December 2016 with the call out for film entries. A whopping 1,194 filmed were submitted from 90 countries.

From our sold-out premiere screenings in June to the 317 venues involved in the community screenings during National Science Week in August, we are grateful for everyone involved.

And it doesn’t have to end here!

You can now watch a selection of the winning films and some of the finalists on the SCINEMA channel!

Here’s some of the great feedback from audiences:

  • It brought together a variety of disciplines, in a number of styles, in a very easily accessible way to the general public. Brilliantly shot, beautifully told; it is certainly an event I will be recommending.

  • The great diversity of films, which all communicated science in an informative but fun way – each as good as the last!

  • The films were varied, innovative and all well produced. I laughed in some, was angered in some and felt inspired by others which is the crux of good film making. All films brought out an emotional response which was awesome.

  • I really enjoyed the variety of films and I loved to see things from an ethnically diverse point of view.

  • SCINEMA opened me up to the passion and pursuits of various scientists, encouraging me to continue to engage in my science studies.

Thank you to our major partner BBC Earth and venue sponsors the University of New South Wales and the University of Queensland.

Thank you to all the people who attended our Premiere Screenings back in June and to Palace Cinemas for providing venues around Australia.

Thank you to National Science Week and ABC iview for supporting the community screenings and to all community venues and individuals who shared and watched our films during this amazing week in August.

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