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  Last updated September 14, 2017 at 3:55 pm

There’s something for everyone – choose out of the 10 SCINEMA playlists and host your own science film festival screening during National Science Week. 

Do you love science and love films? We’ve selected the finest films for your viewing pleasure. SCINEMA International Science Film Festival is open for everyone through DIY community screenings and anyone can host their own science film festival!

Whether you host a backyard screening or organise something in your local community club or library, it’s easy to be part of National Science Week. You could even host an event at your school! Gather your friends and family, neighbours, anyone!

If you host a public screening, your event will get officially listed on the National Science Week website! (P.S. check out all the public SCINEMA events here)

Something for everyone

This year we’ve extended the variety of playlists to choose from. Now you can choose your own adventure! There’s still the original ‘Best of SCINEMA’ playlist, which shows all the winning films from the SCINEMA 2017 premiere screenings. And, like last year, there’s two playlists that we have vetted ourselves as suitable for primary school and secondary school audiences.

We added 6 interest-based playlists – space, technology, animals, sci-fi, our bodies, and environment. If you want to have a movie marathon with all the science, you can binge watch your way through the SCINEMA Binge list with a whopping 29 films and goes for just under 9 hours.

If you settle in for a watch party or you’re hosting your own SCINEMA screening, we want to see your pics! Just tag us @riaus on Instagram and Twitter, use the hashtag #SCINEMA2017, or post it on our Australia’s Science Channel Facebook page or SCINEMA International Science Film Festival Facebook page. Feel free to write a review as well!

Take your pick from any of the recommended playlists below.

  1. Best of SCINEMA (8 films, duration 1:38:56) – Recommended for: General audience, featuring the Award Winning films from SCINEMA 2017. Contains subtitles, some coarse language, scenes of animal surgery and themes of animal cruelty.

  2. Primary School (5 films, duration 1:19:11) – Recommended for children 5-13 years old.

  3. Secondary School (5 films, duration 1:16:25) – Recommended for young people 13-18 years old.

  4. Space (5 films, duration 1:27:25) – Recommended for everyone fascinated by the Universe and our place in it. Contains Subtitles.

  5. Technology (4 films, duration 2:13:54) – Recommended for: anyone interested in how we are engineering new ways to live, work and create art.

  6. Animals (8 films, duration 2:14:02) – Recommended for biophiles everywhere! Contains subtitles, themes of animal cruelty and scenes of animal surgery.

  7. Sci-fi (4 films, duration 44:20) – Recommended for grown ups who love their science with a twist. Contains subtitles, adult themes.

  8. Our Bodies (4 films, duration 1:25:21) – Recommended for anyone who wants to see how we are augmenting, treating and transplanting our bodies for the future.

  9. Environment (6 films, 2:04:04) – recommended for those interesting in seeing passionate people acting for change. Contains subtitles, mild coarse language.

  10. SCINEMA Binge list (29 films, duration 8:52:56) – recommended for getting comfy on the couch for the weekend! Contains subtitles, mild coarse language, adult themes, themes of animal cruelty and scenes of animal surgery.

  • For full details of the individual films and playlistsm check out the SCINEMA playlist page.

  • Details on how to register and host your own SCINEMA community screening.

  • If you’re unsure about suitability you can preview the films before your screening to assess appropriateness.

SCINEMA International Science Film Festival is supported by major partner BBC Earth, the community screenings are supported by National Science Week.

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