Women in STEM & Entrepreneurship Careers

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Job markets are rapidly changing, bringing new opportunities today that were never imagined before.

Evolving technologies mean students will face exciting prospects and challenges in their potential careers – they’ll need to find new solutions to current global issues and solve problems that may not even exist yet.

Australia’s social, environmental and economic prosperity depends on how they embrace this future, and it starts with the transferable skills and multi-disciplinary capabilities of STEM education and training.

This video series features inspiring STEM & Entrepreneurship leaders, highlighting their career journeys and achievements in diverse STEM fields across Australia.

STELR’s aim is to promote an awareness of the countless STEM study paths and careers, the nature of their work and real world impact.

We hope to empower students to pursue their own solutions and seek opportunities for innovation to become change makers themselves.

This project received grant funding from the Australian Government under the Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship (WISE) program.


About the Author

Inoka Amarasekara
Inoka Amarasekara joined ATSE in June 2017 as Women in STEM Entrepreneurship (WISE) Project Officer. A recent graduate of the Centre for the Public Awareness of Science at ANU, her Master's thesis explored the YouTube science communication gender gap. Inoka has had previous experience in admin, research and advertising.

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