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  Last updated August 7, 2017 at 12:04 pm

ECR Network is back for 2017!

Australia’s unique development and networking events for early career researchers, late-stage PhD students and mid-career researchers returns with a massive program.

From the most open and honest grant writing workshop you’ll ever attend to the ways social media will boost your career progress, ECR Network will have you looking at your research career in all new ways. We’ve gathered the best of the best from around Australia for each topic, ready to relay their expertise to you FOR FREE! You can attend the events live in Adelaide, or livestream on Australia’s Science Channel.

You can register for all events now. Stay tuned as there will be more exciting announcements to come.

Wednesday 26 July – Grant Writing Workshop

Prof Alan Cooper (Director, Australian Centre for Ancient DNA) reveals the secrets to writing a killer grant application.

You’ll never go to a workshop as honest or useful as this. Find out from a grant examiner just what they look for, and what they don’t bother reading. It’ll be frank, it’ll be fearless, but you’ll learn from the best and find out what makes a successful grant application.


Tuesday 15 August – Get Interdisciplinary!

Science is more dependent on interdisciplinary collaborations than ever before. Interdisciplinary research guru Prof Tanya Monro will share her experience and tips establishing and managing these vital and valuable partnerships.


Tuesday 12 September – Network, Network, Network

Science is more fun with others! Build your networks across universities and disciplines at this special networking event. Through speed networking and open discussions you could find your next collaborator, discover some of the varied experience and research around South Australia, and have a fun time among your peers. There will also be entertainment from Dr Hannah Brown.


Tuesday 10 October – Why Every Scientist Should Be on Twitter

Is social media a tool or a distraction? Bonafide social media science superstar Upulie Divisekera will be joined by data scientist Dr Adam Dunn to reveal how social media can help your research career and open up new opportunities you never knew existed.


November – TBA

Stay tuned for the announcement, something big is brewing.

ECR Network is supported by the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia

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