Lockheed Martin's Mission to Mars

Presented at the 68th International Aeronautical Congress, Lockheed Martin’s team of explorers unveiled new details on their plans for human exploration of Mars starting in the 2020s.

We are explorers – and the time is now.

Never before in history have we had the technology and global interest to move human exploration out to the Moon and Mars. Lockheed Martin’s blueprint for exploration includes Mars Base Camp, a detailed orbital mission reference architecture for the start of Martian system exploration. By relying on existing technologies and available systems, this mission could be fielded as early as the late 2020’s.

In this session, Lockheed Martin will show how the recently announced Deep Space Gateway will prove out the technologies needed for the build-up of the Mars Base Camp Deep Space Transport elements, emphasizing the science value, international partnership opportunities, and commercialization paradigms enabled by NASA’s exploration vision. Lockheed Martin will also unveil their highly-anticipated lander – a reusable, single stage aero-spacecraft based on already-flown vehicles which can revolutionize our thinking about Mars surface access, while enabling a water-based economy in cis-lunar space and enabling a commercial lunar surface infrastructure within the next decade.

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